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You should teach with more humour! Here's why.

If we just could go back in time and join a class of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ? Wouldn’t that be exceptionally exciting! 

Seeing and hearing him speaking and people are really listening. We would marvel about how he keeps everyone’s attention. How awesome would it feel to be able to observe him interacting with even difficult people, defusing the situation perfectly! 

Wouldn’t it be simply out of this world to witness how he ﷺ made sure that very different people all grasp his teachings fully? 

Yes, that is a dream that won’t come true in this life. We can’t physically zoom you back hundreds of years and let you experience this all in reality, but… we have the marvellous books to read and learn more about his teaching practice! With the sound recounts from his companions, we can get a full picture of how he was the Best Teacher ever! We can learn far reaching methods to become inspirational teachers ourselves. Like the sahabah, we don’t have the tremendous privilege of living and learning in his presence, but we can make a sincere effort to not leave his side by studying his way of teaching through the Hadith. Let me share with you a few sublime anecdotes that will make you for sure hungry for more! 

The Prophet  made jokes

Don’t we all enjoy a lecturer who lightens up the content with some jazzy jokes? Well, one distinctive feature of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was his humour! He used to say ordinary routine things in such a manner that it would become humorous. For example, it is normal for every person to have two ears. The Prophet Muhammad would lovingly call his servant Anas, “O the one with two ears, come here.” It created the humour of a superb quality. At-Tirmidhi

The subtle aspect of this humour was that the obedient servant, Anas ra, used to be all ears to answer his master’s call.

The Prophet  enjoyed and encouraged others to be lighthearted 

Auf bin Malik Related: “During the Battle of Tabuk, I went to see the Prophet SAW who was staying in a small leather tent. I greeted him and he invited me in. Realising the small size of the tent, I jokingly said, “Should I bring my whole body in?” The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ enjoyed the joke and said: “Yes, bring your whole body in the tent.” Sunan Abu Dawud, Kitab-ul-Adab

The Prophet ﷺ told true and clean jokes 

‘The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had a subtle sense of humour. His jokes were clean and true. He used to say that he did not lie even while telling jokes.’ Tirmidhi 

After the Prophet Muhammad SAW passed away, his companions were devastated. The Perfect Teacher ﷺ left a void in his ummah and many could hardly cope with the immense loss of his physical nearness, but they continued his great sunnah to train and teach with wit and lightness! The sahabah wanted to gain in knowledge of the deen to improve their worship and to get closer to Allah SWT! They prioritised learning for the sake of Allah, but they continued to lighten up their gatherings with laughter and humorous stories! 

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