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A Successful Team Beats With One Heart

Aisha Vicky Koolen


Aisha Vicky Koolen is a qualified & experienced primary school teacher with a postgraduate degree in Special Educational Needs and currently studying for a Masters in Educational Psychology/ coaching. ‘Friends of Allah’ is her latest research based program to nurture in children character traits to develop and maintain successful relationships, at the first place the relationship with Allah. Aisha delivers on and offline trainings for schools, masjids to support management and teachers.

Hanae Elena Chelly

Educational Content Manager

Hanae is an environment advocate and passionate about languages, teaching and design and tries as much as possible to adopt a healthy and green lifestyle while following the teachings of the Prophet ﷺ. She has traveled and lived in Africa, Europe, America and Asia which allowed her to learn more about our world but also about herself and how she could benefit the Ummah. Her creative side and her passion have led her to join PEARLS Education hoping to make a difference and offer quality education materials and courses that will not only engage young and older muslims but also give them the tools to be real actors of the Ummah.